Grantchester Wave Blush pink Lampshade 12”-20”

Made to order, dupion silk lampshade

Hand stitched and pleated around our Grantchester wave and Grantchester frame.

Fringe colour : 15cm champagne and peach

Colourway : Blush pink

Lining : Unlined to enhance the pleated design

Braids : to match the design

We also have a choice of many colours of silk and fringe, please ask for more details

Our frames also come in a choice of colours.

Other fringe lengths are available 10cm 15cm 20cm


Lampshade :

Small 12” - Suitable for a small table lamp, pendant or wall lamp

( wall lamp not included but Pooky do a good range of wall lamps )

Medium 16” - suitable for a medium/ large table lamp or pendant

Large 20” - suitable for a standard lamp base or pendant

Please choose the fitting you would like at the checkout, these are included in the price.


Handmade in Rutland ( the smallest county in England )

Lead time: 4-8 weeks.

Grantchester Wave Blush pink Lampshade 12”-20”